How We Earn Our Profit

  • Our data trading partner use the data we process to display ads that are in line with your interests.
  • Without TheGoodData, data collectors would have collected and used your information without your knowledge or consent, and totally for free.
  • We take care that this partner receive that data in an anonymized form and rewarding the cooperative accordingly.
We believe in data consent and respect - if you are interested in accessing our users’ anonymized data you can contact us at:

How We Use Our Profit

  • Zidisha is the person-to-person microcredit leader.
  • Zidisha helps to ensure that all of the money we allocate to social good gets invested directly in those who need it most, without losing any to intermediaries or corruption.
  • Using Zidisha’s online platform, we can ensure that our loans offer very low interest rates and talk directly to the people we’re supporting to help monitor their progress.
  • Zidisha’s lending and repayment model ensures that we can create sustainable impact with our profits while growing our asset base, rather than making one-time donations.